API Call Control

Ross Mckillop

Ross Mckillop

24th September 2019

The Simwood API is great for provisioning and reporting as well as managing our wide range of fraud prevention controls and monitoring your current usage.

One request we’ve heard a few times is that you want to be able to do more with calls currently in progress.

Recently, we announced the WebHook HTTP Events Beta, exposing real-time events to your own platform via HTTP POST requests when calls are made, connected, or rejected. These finally reveal the internal call ID that we use for our own controls and, until now, has not been available via the API.

From today, you can use this ID to end any call in progress on your Simwood account via our API.

You can easily tie this into your own monitoring, ending long duration calls, or calls to unexpectedly high cost destinations, even where you aren’t controlling the SIP signalling for these calls (i.e. customers using the registration proxies) or where there’s no SIP signalling at all, e.g. calls forwarded to PSTN endpoints or made using IDA.

This is the first real-time call control feature we’re introducing, but it won’t be the last. For now, you need to be using WebHooks to take advantage of this, as you must know the specific ID for a call to control it, but more functionality will make its way into the API and Portal in due course.

As always, this is a beta, it’s subject to change and we invite your feedback on any issues you have or any comments or suggestions for improvement.

You can find the relevant documentation below;

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