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Simwood test line

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

29th August 2014

Every number range we build on the network, whether ours or for Virtual Interconnect customers (including Virtual Interconnect Mobile) has a “test” number associated with it for other operators to call to test their build of the range. These are usually just a recorded message. We’ve changed that today!

All test numbers now return early media, followed by a menu of options from CLI, ANI, RDNIS, DTMF-test, echo-test, delayed echo-test and milliwatt test tone!

We thought this might be useful to you, especially those of you who like to test by calling our office! As such, the following is now available for dialling and will remain so. We encourage trying a portfolio of tests as part of your interop testing with us and other carriers.

0330 122 9999

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