New porting guide

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

11th June 2015

We’ve published a new porting guide which can be found under the ‘Porting’ tab of the customer portal.

An increasing number of customers are submitting porting requests for the first time, and many are doing so in higher volume since we made it available through our API and portal. When ports are rejected by the losing network it is deeply frustrating all round.

This guide hopefully explains some of the complications and subtleties within a process that is fundamentally broken and we have described to Ofcom as a national embarrassment. We find the more customers understand about the process, the higher their success rate.

Despite our protestations we don’t think porting is going to improve any time soon, but hopefully together we can ease the pain. The portal and API help a lot, but with a better understanding of the process you can improve your success rate. Either way, please rest assured we’re on your side with porting and Rachel and team will have done all they can to get your port through even if some times they’re rejected.



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