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Beta portal update

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

27th November 2014

We’ve really appreciated the positive feedback since we released our v3 portal in beta in September.

Whilst it ‘only’ surfaces features that have in some cases been available in the API for years, it makes them accessible to all customers without needing a developer. We’re confident in saying that there is no other wholesale provider in the world who can give a view of real-time calls in-progress (not just those recently finished!) or the massive portfolio of fraud mitigation and prevention features we offer through our API or portal. We appreciate those of you who have told us that as well as those who have chosen to reduce risk in your business by moving all of your traffic to Simwood.

Today we’ve pushed a new update from development to beta which features:

– We’ve added two factor authentication (2FA). We recommend you enable it on your account to ensure only you can access your account on the v3 portal.

– You can now submit geographic number porting requests through the portal or the API. This is really useful as it performs range-holder checks and employs clever logic tries to overcome some of the smoke and mirrors around where a number might be hosted and thus whether it is portable. We’d be really grateful for you using this for porting requests to ensure all the information we need is there and reduce unnecessary rejections. Unfortunately we cannot fix a broken industry process alone but we can hopefully make it a little less of a national embarrassment and cost you a little less! Thankfully mobile porting works much better.

– The section of the portal concerned with drilling down on your call data has been completely reworked to enable faceted summarisation of your call history. The newly named “Analysis” section uses our reworked reporting backend. It is not perfect yet though so we’d love your feedback.

– One of our simplest but effective fraud features – balance locking – is now front and centre on the home page, enabling really easy monitoring and simple adjustment..

– Finally, we’ve squashed a few bugs!

Thanks again for your feedback and support.

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