VoIP Fraud Analysis 2016

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

8th January 2016


We’re delighted to release the 2016 version of our VoIP Fraud Analysis report. This updates the 2014 version with an additional 2 years of data and much more learning.

We’re quite excited that NICC Standards are shortly to publish “IP PBX Best Practice Security”  and will be referencing this research in that.

Given the value and sensitivity of this information we are not making this available for free download but instead copies will be sent to verified active voice customers (i.e. those spending money with us) and known security analysts on request. Please contact our Operations Desk by email for your copy.

We will also be presenting our latest findings at various industry events, starting with LINX92 in February.

We’d take this opportunity to remind customers to look under the hood of “free fraud protection” offered by competitors. We don’t charge for ours but at least it exists! As we said recently in the Comms Business Cover Story: “Any idiot can tell you when you’ve spent £100k you didn’t intend to”. We try extraordinarily hard to prevent you spending where you don’t intend to and believe that adds unique tangible value to your customers. This isn’t new or reactive – our Honeypot was started in 2010 and we were active before then.



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