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Real-time threat analysis

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

18th May 2016

We have released a new feature to the portal – you can now see real-time and historic security events, both on our honeypot and earlier stage probes around our network.

threat_analysisYou can view these over your choice of periods and drill down on fields you find interesting. Developer account and Legacy customers are restricted to seeing a small sample of older data but production customers (or other enabled logins) can see any period that is in the index.

Historic honeypot data is being processed into this and at the time of writing, this is back to October 2014.

To understand the context of the data please familiarise yourself with our latest VoIP Fraud Analysis document or one of our videos. Simon will be presenting tomorrow at Kamailio World the technical architecture generating, consuming and applying this data.

This feature replaces the honeypot data files we have previously published. Hopefully, they make the information more useful to customers and friends.

We’re excited to hear what you make of this feature and would appreciate your feedback on where to take it next!

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