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There’s a reason the majority of our team are engineers!

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

25th August 2016

And that reason is uptime!

We don’t like to gloat, outages can and do happen to anyone (including us occasionally), but on days like today when yet another competitor has yet another outage, we’re reminded how we’re different.

This gets lost under waves of marketing most days; for example, when I sit on panels with resellers who claim “oh yeah, we do all that too” regarding fraud protection, or sales droids claim “we can do everything Simwood does” — many of them either not understanding what Simwood does, or simply making claims we believe to be false.

Uptime speaks louder than words.

We pride ourselves on our authenticity, and operate our own infrastructure entirely. We do not outsource to incumbent managed services, nor do we simply resell others but claim we have infrastructure. Our team consists 55% of engineers, including the entire senior management team. A further 36% are technical specialists but not devoted to engineering; they’re there to help and advise customers.

So that is over 90% of our team devoted to innovation and keeping things working. Contrast that to other companies and you’ll probably find the situation reversed.

The clueful ask why that might be, and we thank them for being customers!

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