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Direct Connect from 170+ data centres (or the cloud)

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

1st April 2017

We’ve been on a bit of a mission recently to encourage customers to connect directly into our network to improve quality, stability and attack protection. See our blog post on “Surviving Somebody Else’s DDoS” if you’re wondering why.

Right now 86% of our traffic comes in over peering, which is an incredibly high figure; just 14% comes in over our 3 transit providers. Some of that 86% comes in over the peering exchanges we’re connected to but a large and growing percentage comes in through customers and peers who are directly connected, i.e. who have ran cabling to us in one of the data centres we’re mutually in. We’d like more!

We were therefore quite excited then when our friends at Console suggested working with us to bring traffic in to us from around the world. They operate a global layer 2 network in 170+ data centres and major cloud providers across 20 countries and have a heavily automated platform enabling you to provision capacity to us or others in a few clicks once connected.

We have capacity in place to aggregate customer circuits directly in our core and can provide a range of connection profiles to cater for those with or without an ASN. To get the ball rolling speak to John Hill at Console on +44 (0) 774 878 5561 or visit their website at and be sure to tell him Simwood sent you for a great deal.

Of course, if you’re already in any of the many UK data centres we’re in, speak to us as you can connect directly.


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