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We’re moving to Bristol!

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

17th July 2017

On Friday we completed on our lovely new building in Bristol.

This has been over a year in the making so we’re quite excited. It is fair to say our large reason for being in Southampton hasn’t been there for a few years, and the team have wanted a change. With one regrettable exception, who has ties to Southampton, the entire Southampton team will be relocating to Bristol and are hugely excited about it.

Others of us who currently work mostly remotely but travel to the office, will also be converging in Bristol full-time. Together with some new hires* (deferred for obvious reasons) we’ll finally be one of those grown up companies with more people in an office than working remotely.

We’re currently going through the process of fit-out which is no small task. Our aim therefore is to be working from there for September but we’ll notify any operational details on our status page. There’s a few things we’re planning for in the fit-out that you might like to know:

  1. Bristol will become a full highly-available PoP on the network providing additional diverse connectivity between Slough and Manchester. We’re putting in diverse optical connectivity for lots and lots of capacity. It will not be a primary compute site but will be significant for connectivity. Do speak to Frazer if you have any connectivity requirements.
  2. We’re specifying some great collaborative working spaces with awesome connectivity and coffee. We’re very keen to welcome customers to use this space for quiet work or meetings, and especially for those contributing to relevant Open Source projects.
  3. There’s a secret feature, for a secret purpose, which we’ll be unveiling in due course! No, we’re not building a data centre; that’d be nuts!

Finally, there’s going to be a party! We’re 20 and have opened a whole new chapter. We’re not setting a date just yet, but mention to Frazer if you’d like to be on the VIP list when we do!

*Interested? Get in touch!

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