Please update our bank account details

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

16th January 2018

You may have missed that over the Christmas break we announced new local USD and EUR bank account details. We have now added a new GBP account to the list, working with Transferwise.

As the new accounts are generally in-country and benefit from local payment methods (e.g. ACH in the USA), they make life much easier for our customers. Customers making out of country payments (e.g. sending GBP from the USA) might find the new accounts do not accept the payment mechanism used, but we’ve documented this. If you can use the new accounts, please do.

One benefit of the new accounts is that our team do not need to manually check the bank accounts throughout the day, and automation of your inbound payment is a fairly easy next step, to the extent that customers can get the references right! We put some examples in our previous post as this seems bizarrely difficult for some!

Details of all accounts are (behind login) in our support site. Please remember we will never send you new bank account details by email or telephone.

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