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We do NOT operate wholesale VoIP for anyone else!

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

12th December 2018

By Simon Woodhead

It is frustrating when you work hard to innovate and differentiate, to enable your customers to deliver unique and fabulous services to ultimate end-users, for them simply to be mindlessly copied.

Sadly, when we put out a new feature, or even an innocuous blog post about an operational matter, there are those who are so utterly devoid of independent creativity that they feel the need to blatantly copy it. Their technical documentation reads like ours, we even have people asking if we developed their API (or more offensively, the reverse). Ironically though they feel the need to mis-represent the odd thing they don’t copy (because as a reseller they don’t need to), in insulting blog posts with pointed phrases such as “fishy”. It is a shame they can’t just be honest with their customers, let alone themselves, and either credit the source of their every thought, or give up.

Perversely flattering as it is, rather like Kellogg’s did many years ago when they had issues with clones and bottom-feeding knock-offs, we need to say: we do not operate or build wholesale VoIP services for anyone else. If you’re not getting it from Simwood, it isn’t Simwood. Our customers add value to what we do and use us to build their own original products under their own name, nobody white-labels what we do.

Of course, it is a free market so if you prefer to buy from a reseller of a reseller of a reseller pretending to be a carrier, please do so. Give us a call when their lies (or creditors) catch up with them and we’ll always try to help. Meanwhile though, you might want to ask them for a network map; they’ll probably say “coming soon”. If you want to come and see or touch ours you’re very welcome. We’re honest, we exist, and we’re not run out of a bedsit.

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