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US Update & Global Numbering

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

4th April 2019

By Simon Woodhead


We’re really pleased to confirm that the US numbering porting interface is available in beta. Thanks to those customers who couldn’t wait and have been testing it. We’re pleasantly surprised by the thirst for US numbering, notably since our US COO Tom Hadden updated at SimCon2 on our huge investment over there in building out as a national carrier.

Whilst we’re tier1 in the UK (we don’t resell anyone else’s numbering, and host numbering for many other operators on our own network), and building towards the same status across the US, we’re also able to offer numbering from further countries we have no network presence via trusted partners. This makes Simwood your one-stop-shop for numbering in 92% of the global economy, without dealing with online brokers, or resellers of resellers.

All our numbering rates, including updated US pricing, has been collected into a single document. You will note that we’re offering free porting in the USA!

USA Termination

One of the benefits of being a US Carrier is the ability to terminate US traffic on domestic terms. Of note, we’re carrying a lot of US Toll Free traffic for US customers but this has been chargeable in our main rate sheets until now. Having agreed the necessary contract amendments, we’re now able to terminate US Toll Free traffic which originates internationally as well, and our latest rate updates now reflect this at $/£/€ 0.00 per minute which is unique in international circles. Not only is the price zero, quality is substantially improved as this is generally terminated through bilaterals rather than over transit operators.

We’re actively engaged with a number of very large international operators regarding US Toll Free and would love to talk to other readers of this blog who might otherwise be competitors as we can almost certainly offer better terms.

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