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Hosted PBX comes to Simwood

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

1st October 2019

By Simon Woodhead

We’ve wanted to offer you multi-tenant own-branded hosted PBX for years. To be frank, we’ve tried a few solutions but they’ve never been adequate, and building it the Simwood way has never happened.

If I look around the market, many are simply licensing other people’s magic boxes or have built something in-house themselves. The latter is hard to do, and to be frank, not many have done it right in my opinion.

Therefore, I’m particularly excited to announce that we have just completed two acquisitions, one of which includes the IPR and business of Sipcentric Limited, a very longstanding customer and a great team of super-smart cookies.

Their hosted PBX solution is without doubt the best architected, most user-centric platform in the marketplace and is exactly what we’ve sought. We think it is what you’ve wanted from us for many years.

This is a very exciting step and, we think, an important one. Whilst the space is very competitive, resellers, and in turn end-users, need more choice and one might say more honesty. We look forward to providing that.

Stay tuned for more updates as we integrate the businesses and finalise our proposition.

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