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Have you made a SimCon Awards nomination yet?

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

22nd January 2020

By Simon Woodhead

There’s so much machismo, lies and BS in this industry. Those with an API calling themselves “CPaaS”, sales operations being “carriers” and of course those out to “destroy” their own supplier (but they keep that bit quiet of course). It is very tedious and somewhat dirty!

Wouldn’t it be nice to set all that aside and shine a light on those who are quietly doing some good and making a difference in the world, humbly and with integrity. This is what we set about doing with the SimCon Awards.

Just as the awards aim to focus on the honest side of the business, the award selection process is similarly clean. These aren’t vanity items you can buy, they’re heartfelt recognition by your peers.

You won’t be asked to buy a table or dinner package, so your key clients can be there just in case you win. You won’t be asked to book advertising to celebrate your ‘surprise’ success. It is remarkably coincidental how many winners of other awards are both present with a table of clients, and have advertising space pre-booked for the announcement.

The SimCon Awards are cleaner and there’s no set categories to fill – you can make one up to suit the good your nominee is doing. Crucially though, and here’s where many fall down: you cannot nominate yourself.

They’re about recognising and celebrating each other in our community, not buying undeserved recognition to falsely appease insecurities that began in teenage years!

This year’s awards will take place on March 5th at SimCon3 and whilst we have some worthy nominees to select from, we’d like more. We’re also looking for independent judges for future years, selected from those who engage with this cause.

So if you haven’t already, we’d love to hear who you think deserves a pat on the back and why – please mail us on awards at Neither nominating or receiving an award is restricted to Simwood customers – both are open to everyone.

Lastly, if you’re unfamiliar with what we’re trying to do and past winners, please check out the microsite from last year. Contrary to what I said on the video, all-told we had over 500 people on the stream in the end.

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