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SimCon Awards 2020 – Winners and Ceremony

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

16th March 2020

Join us as Simon Woodhead present the SimCon Awards at SimCon 3, featuring the UK’s #1 Motivational Business Speaker, Brad Burton.

The SimCon Awards are uniquely designed to recognise the unsung heroes of the open source community and telecommunications industry. There are no prescribed categories and a fundamental rule and difference to other awards is that self-nominations are prohibited!

The Winners were:

Telavox, for being “Ahead of their time”
Allison Smith, “The Voice of the Uprising”
Alan Quayle, for “Empowering the Next Generation”
Matthew Fredrickson, “The Nicest Guy in VoIP (Ever)”
Tim Panton, “The Geek Inspirer”
Elisja Van Niekerk, “Leading by Example”; and
Olle Johansson, our “Pre-Posthumous Legend”

Huge thanks and congratulations to all our winners for everything they do and are.

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