Important: Bank Details Change Part 2

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

28th September 2021

By Jake Taylor

It’s nice to be unchained from my calculator for a while to write a blog post, and one about such a fun and exhilarating topic. Simon clearly thinks I’m the right person for the job!

You may recall Simon’s blog post in March of last year where we made Starling Bank our preferred customer payment destination for GBP and EUR, with Barclays as a secondary option. I am pleased to say that most customers have now adjusted to paying into our Starling accounts and that we have now added a Starling USD account to the preferred list.

The Starling USD account does not currently support the receiving of international payments sent via the Swift/wire payment method so please ensure payments are sent via the domestic ACH network. In the event of needing to send USD from outside the US, we ask that you contact us as we have an alternative option available. 

With immediate effect, we have removed the clunky, inefficient Barclays accounts as a payment option for all currencies and have updated the details on our invoices and PDF guidance accordingly. A re-direct has been set up for payments made to the Barclays GBP account however we are unable to say for how long, so it is encouraged that you make the necessary amendments ASAP to ensure that your payments are processed in the quickest possible way or don’t go astray!

When it comes to making payments, remember to reference your Simwood account number as we still have in place a no minimum prepayment and automatic processing (24/7) when added correctly. Where the account number is not added correctly, the contracted minimums and admin fees will still apply when payments are identified and manually processed! Where paying an invoice, please simply use the invoice number as the reference.

We ask that you please use these updated details

Thank you.

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