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Hello New York! And San Jose!

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

5th July 2017

We’re delighted to welcome New York and San Jose to the network!

Both sites are live on the network and we’ll be spinning up hosts running our new stack over the coming days. We will be confirming IP addresses in coming weeks but you’ll already have the ranges configured as they’ve been in the interop for some time ‘reserved for future use’.

What does this mean:

  • International customers, including our strategic global customers, can terminate traffic to more local PoPs
  • International customers, including our strategic global customers, can make use of more local Registration Proxies
  • Anycasted services such as portal and API will auto-magically respond from closer PoPs
  • Ditto for anycasted SIP services when made available in beta (soon!)

At the same time, some of you might remember that the USA used to be our single largest market, at 20-30 times the volume we carried to the UK. That might explain why one of our slower moving contemporaries still has a “US special offer” in their rates email template! Whilst that ratio flipped (and then some), we’ve dusted off our extensive address book. You can therefore expect rates to the US to become more domestic, and we will be offering US numbering and porting. Naturally, US native customers will see service on inbound numbers from their local PoP, keeping traffic fully local in the USA.

Whilst we have been in discussion with major global accounts and have a good idea of anticipated volumes, please let Frazer know if these changes are relevant to you. We’d love to hear we’re doing the right thing and ensure we’re geared up for your usage. Early indications are that these will be substantial PoPs quite quickly!

Now the cynical amongst you might think we’ve just thrown up some AWS instances? Mais non! We don’t use the public cloud anywhere in our infrastructure and don’t intend changing that anytime soon. These hosts run our latest containerised stack on bare-metal of at least comparable specification to the UK. We have compromised in that we have not (yet) deployed our own Arista-based network model over there.  We’re making best use of the software-defined network techniques we’ve developed for our containerisation in the UK, which we’ve been talking about for a while. Service is on Simwood IP addresses and will be connected back to the UK.

We hope you’re excited about this and would love to hear!

Next stop Tokyo!

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