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30th September 2014

We’re constantly improving our API it based on your feedback.  Recently we’ve added more fraud controls, changes to trunks are now processed in real time and we offer advanced routing features on your inbound numbering, all within the Simwood network, lessening the need for your own IP PBX or Softswitch solution.

Reporting in the Simwood API

One feature customers have struggled with is the asynchronous nature of our reporting. This improves performance greatly when requesting complex reports and minimises the impact of these on other customers, but developers find it odd, even those who read the manual!

Our increased use of SSD and RAM-based data stores, along with the introduction of new search technology behind the scenes means we can now generate some reports far quicker than was previously possible. We’re therefore introducing a number of synchronous ‘summary’ reports that allow you to monitor your customers’ completed calls in near real-time, pivoting on a number of factors.

Summary reports show the total number of calls, billable minutes, average call duration and charges grouped by Destination, Reconciliation Tag, Country Code, Trunk Name or even codec between any two dates! Better still, reports can be filtered by any combination of the Destination, Reconciliation Tag, Country Code, Trunk Name or codec!

An example of a report by Trunk would be as follows;

     "trunk": "930000-ACME",
     "calls": 370,
     "acd": 1.6,
     "minutes": 504.32,
     "charges": 8.65
     "trunk": "930000-ACME",
     "calls": 2956,
     "acd": 2.3,
     "minutes": 4498.21,
     "charges": 25.04

The underlying data for these reports is stored in a cluster of data nodes distributed nationally around the Simwood network and should therefore be considered eventually consistent. This is a marked change to previous reports which were directly against transactional (ACID) data. Moving forwards we will migrate all API reporting to this architecture for improved speed and flexibility whilst transactional reports will be provided through alternative means; stay tuned.

More information on this, and all the Simwood API features, can be found in the API Documentation.


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